Hog Neck Snares
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Theses snares are 84+ inch sure lock snares made of 1/8 7x7 snare cable. These are quality fast snares that will hold hogs or pigs especially if their set right. A sheet of directions is included with every order explaining a typical hog set. We also have five foot extensions. Deer stops added per request. Make your selection down below when you order. You can order our snares by the each or the dozen. The price is adjusted when you make the selection. Our snares are the #1 selling Hog snares. Not just any snare will work for hogs, We have been building this hog snare for 8 years and and have perfected it. If you need a snare specially built please let us know. We can do different lengths, sizes and styles according to your specs if needed in a certain situation and still provide you will a quality snare that will work.

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Hog Neck Snares

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